Frequently Asked Questions

Why Ever-Seal?        

    Ever-Seal goes beyond temporary topcoats and offers a permanent sealing solution for your wood and concrete projects.    


How much does it cost?        

    Every job is fairly bid based upon size, condition, and the time and materials it will take to do the job right. An onsite measurement and test spot will be required to provide an exact estimate.     


Is it expensive?        

    While the materials and equipment needed for our service make the cost a bit higher that a typical power wash and topcoat initially, being a permanent solution will save our customers thousands year after year for decades to come.     


Do you offer free estimates? What should I expect?

    Yes. We offer pressure-free guaranteed estimates. We’re not a fan of those pushy sales guys either. We will test and measure the project, show you how our system works, show you our rates and go over the quotes with you. Only sign up if it makes sense and fits your budget. 


How does it work?        

    In short, our proprietary system is able to clean thoroughly through the wood or concrete. Then our patented penetrating sealant becomes a permanent part of the wood or concrete providing lifelong protection.      


Does this work on new wood or concrete?        

  Yes. Our system is designed for old and new wood or concrete alike.     


What if my deck is really old?        

    Our process will bring it back to looking as new as it can ever look and prevent any further deterioration. If you are considering replacement, call us before you make that decision. Our trained consultants can advise you if rebuilding is truly necessary.     


Why have I not heard of this before?

    You have actually, but may not have realized it before. This product has been used in many industrial and infrastructural applications for over 50 years that are part of our everyday lives. For residential applications, it requires a considerable investment in the right equipment to apply it properly which is where Ever-Seal comes in. 


Do you do cabins?        

    Absolutely. And since our process also makes wood fire retardant, it is a great solution for cabin owners tired of the maintenance.     


Can I paint it or stain it?        

    Yes. While most client leave things natural, you can paint or stain over our seal. You will only need about 25% of the stain that you would normally need and it should last 3x to 5x longer as well before having to touchup again.    


Does it come in colors?        

    Not at this time. This is a penetrant and not a topcoat, so it's working from the inside. You are able to color over ours if desired once the curing process is complete.    


Is the warranty transferable?        

    Yes. Our warranty is fully transferrable to the next homeowner, thus adding value to potential buyers.     


Should I power wash it first?

    Power washing will only clean the surface.  We clean far beyond that as part of our service, so it would not be necessary or recommended. 


Are you insured?        

    We are fully licensed and insured in every state we operate in.     


Will it damage my plants?        

    All of our products are environmentally safe for people, plants, and animals. We do cover and protect flowering plants in the area just because we're using hot water which may cause some plants to wilt.    


Is your product safe around my pets?        

    All of our products are environmentally safe for people, plants, and animals. We love our people, plants, and animals too.     


Do you finance?        

    Not at this time, although this should be unnecessary for most projects. 


What is a “top-coat”?

    While many, if not most, of the products in your local store will claim to be a “sealant”, if it only goes on the surface it is a topcoat. There is no such thing as a permanent topcoat. To be a permanent solution, it has to thoroughly penetrate to become a permanent part of the wood or concrete. 


What makes Ever-Seal different than other companies claiming to offer a similar service?

    We are aware of a few companies claiming to do what we do in the states that we service. One is using a knock-off product with no manufacturer backed warranty like they claim. The other has been known for cutting costs by not applying the sealer correctly which is now creating issues for their clients. A quick Google or Better Business Bureau search will confirm these issues. It is unfortunate that companies choose to operate in this manner. Ever-Seal is family owned and operated, maintains a reputation for exceeding our clients expectations, and is the only distributorship in the United States that exceeds the manufacturers guidelines for installing this product. We know that getting it right the first time creates happy customers and prevents the cost of having to correct things later, which is a much better business model. 



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