What is Ever-Sealing?

What is Ever-Sealing?


How often should seal your decks and driveways? Many homeowners perform a yearly ritual of spending an entire weekend buying materials, preparing the site, pressure washing, and sealing these surfaces. Others opt to pay a professional to do this for them every year, while some choose to treat them just a few times per decade or worse, not at all. Taking care of your home’s exterior wood and concrete can be both costly and time consuming, but Ever-Sealing your wood or concrete can change that FOREVER!

Ever-Sealing is a one time, permanent seal for wood and concrete that is guaranteed to last at least 25 years. It’s not a product, but an entire process that not only preserves, but cleans, restores and even strengthens wood and concrete.


Although the process of Ever-Sealing is gaining in popularity, the technology has been used since the mid 20th century.  The process, as well as the sealant we use was originally developed to preserve bridges, overpasses and telephone poles against the harsh Canadian winters. If you’ve traveled the Great White North, you know what we mean when we say that their telephone poles look curiously well-maintained! 


Ever-Sealing uses some equipment that may look familiar, such as pressure washing wands, but that’s where the similarities end between Ever-Sealing and traditional sealing services end. 

Typical pressure washing and sealing companies clean the outer surfaces of your wood or concrete with a high pressure, cool water rinse that has a low flow of water, typically around 2.5 gallons per minute. They then follow this up with a top-coat or penetrating sealant of some sort. This process typically lasts just a few years, as it only affects the outer parts of the wood, partly due to the cleaning process and partly due to the sealing products used.

Ever-Sealing begins with several stages of cleaning using specialized equipment that uses ultra high water flow, heat and a variety of safe cleaning agents to clean all the way through wood or concrete. This process pulls everything out of the pores in order to allow our sealant to travel deep into the surface. The sealing process fills all of the pores, sealing wood and concrete all the way through as well as binding to and changing the composition into a new material that is not wood or concrete, and not sealant, but a stronger and longer lasting blend that can last up to 60 years or more!


The cost of Ever-Sealing is a lot lower than sealing your decks, driveways or fences year after year, but it is more expensive than having a pro apply a single top-coat. We need to ensure our cleaning process can get deep into the material we are treating, so our prices are estimated based on a project by project basis, but there is absolutely no cost to have one of our professional estimators come by and give you an estimate and answer any questions you may have about Ever-Sealing your property.

Ever-Sealing, Seal It Once . . . FOREVER!

Steve Nelson

Steve Nelson is the founder and president of Ever-Seal Inc.