Frequently Asked Questions

How does Ever-Sealing work?

Is Ever-Sealing expensive?

Why Ever-Seal?

How much does Ever-Sealing cost?

Can I get a rough estimate over the phone?

Does Ever-Seal offer free estimates?

What should I expect during my estimate appointments?

Does Ever-Sealing work on new wood or concrete?

What if my deck is really old?

Can I Ever-Seal my cabin?

Can Ever-Sealing be painted or stained?

Does Ever-Sealing come in colors?

Does Ever-Sealing come with a transferable warranty?

Do I have to power wash before I Ever-Seal?

Is Ever-Seal Insured?

Will Ever-Seal damage my plants?

Is Ever-Seal safe around my pets?

Does Ever-Seal finance?

What is a “top-coat”?

Does Ever-Seal repel carpenter bees & termites?