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Imagine a REAL wood deck with the low maintenance and long lasting qualities of synthetic materials. Ever-Sealing your deck will preserve and strengthen your wood while making it much easier to clean.

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Permanent & Effective

No Visual Artifacts

Strengthens & Renews

Step 1: clean all the way through

Typical pressure washing services clean just the surface, but our process cleans the wood all the way through. This opens up the pores of the wood, allowing the sealant to penetrate deep into the wood. This also helps restore your wood to as close to new as possible.

Step 2: seal all the way through

Our sealant goes beyond the typical top coat and penetrates all the way through the wood, filling the newly opened pores and transforming it into a stronger, more rot and insect resistant material.

Color is for reference purposes only. Ever-Seal does not change the color of your wood, concrete or masonry.

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