Steve Nelson


Steve Nelson is the founder and president of Ever-Seal Inc.

What is Ever-Sealing?

Ever-Sealing is a one time, permanent seal for wood and concrete that is guaranteed to last at least 25 years. It’s not a product, but an entire process that not only preserves, but cleans, restores and even strengthens wood and concrete.

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What's the best wood for decking? Pressure treated vs. Ever-Sealed wood.

Building a deck with pressure treated lumber can be very expensive, while typical sealants need to be replaced year after year. Ever-Seal offers a permanent deck sealant that is both cheaper than pressure treated lumber and longer lasting.

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When to seal new concrete? Ever-Seal it Now!

Some contractors recommend that homeowners wait up to a year before sealing their concrete, but waiting too long can be a recipe for disaster. Ever-Seal can be applied as soon as the concrete has solidified and will help reduce damage from the curing process and well beyond.

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